Home Made Avocado Ice Blended Milkshake

This is a very simple, no fuss, home made avocado ice blended milkshake that you can do at home. All you need is a blender, mine is a decade old National single speed, an avocado, some ice cubes, and half cup of milk, I use HL low fat milk.

1. Cut avocado in half
2. Scoop the avocado flesh into a blender
3. Add half cup of low fat milk
4. Add 2-3 hand full of ice-cubes
5. Blend for about 5-10 seconds or till ice-cubes are no longer visible
6. Pour into a cup and enjoy!

I do not use full cream or condensed milk because they are too sweet, and too much sugar is not healthy, and things like honey or syrup will kill the taste of avocado - you need to have the taste of avocado in a avocado milkshake.

Always use only half cup of milk to make one cup of milkshake, because blended ice cubes and a small avocado will occupy the remaining half when they are crushed.

Stay healthy and happy blending! : )

Home Made Boiled Papaya Drink

Direction: 1. Remove skin, seeds and slice entire medium sized papaya into 2-3 cups of water in a pot 2. Slow bring to boil about 30 mins, papaya will turn color from the usual reddish to whitish yellow 3. Pour out and drink immediately while still warm, do not sweeten or refrigerate.
Sorts out all those body aches, especially after hardcore chores and workouts. I take this every fortnightly.

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How Monalisa turns into a skeleton at Trick Eye Museum, Seoul, South Korea

I saw this at the Trick Eye Museum at Seoul, Korea (서울 트릭아이미술관). It's pretty scary and amazing at the same time, but I wouldn't expect Mona Lisa to turn into a skeleton, probably topless, but it's a family museum. It opens at 9am and last admission at 8pm, and also advertised on the outside is the Winter Wonderland that you can enter with 1 ticket once you are inside.

Like one of the reviewers mentioned, it's pretty hard to find if you do not pay attention at the signboards outside, as there would be thousands of them advertising something else, like restaurants, sidewalk cafes, food, drinks, more food and more drinks along the way.

Trick Eye's Seoul website is here.